Cycling in a Toque

Cycling in a Toque: June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

BIKES BC: Rolling into 2015....hopefully!

"To infinity & beyond"
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The last few months have been pretty quiet here at BIKESBC as is usual with our in-class visits and video episodes wrapping up before March Spring Break but with the new academic year only a few months away we are starting to plan our 2014-2015 program now.

Last year I decided to focus my time on the Sea-to-Sky cooridor, as opposed to the entire Pacific Northwest, as in addition to working with five different schools I personally invested in our guest speaker video series by funding the filming of five episodes and recruited the help of a local filming and editing professional.

In December, an impromptu fundraiser at the Whistler locals' favourite pizza shop, Creekbread, brought the community together and we raised enough funds to cover my initial investment and publish two of the five video episodes. These episodes were enjoyed by students at Myrtle Philip & Spring Creek Elementary in Whistler, BC and Adams Road, Surrey Central and Pitt Meadows Elementary in the greater Vancouver area.

Now we would like to complete the project with your help in the long term goal of attracting local business community support and growing the BIKESBC inspirational guest speaker video project into a sustainable and powerful tool that connects students with professionals in the community who are pursing their passions and achieving their dream goals, be it athletic, academic or artistic.

We've launched a crowdfunding campaign to help us get to 2015 with five new episodes as well as publish our three unedited videos from the 2013-2014 season. And don't forget to come down to the kids races during BC Superweek as well as visit with us while watching the 2014 Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix on July 9th. All the top professionals from North America are making the trip up to our wonderful city so come on down, it'll be an inspiring evening.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Fishing for health

I remember the day vividly. The high afternoon sun glistened off water-soaked river rocks, my eyes squinting under a faded blue and overly-curved baseball cap. With my fishing rod in one hand and my other out for balance, I carefully tip-toed my way over foot-sized stones to the middle of the small river, Birkenhead Lake beckoning just 40 feet downstream. Content with my position, I faced the lake and cast my hook and bobber into the bubbling torrent, determined to return to the treeline only with a fish in hand. Being the last day of our three day trip and having no luck during our pre-dawn canoe trip the day before, I was anxious to experience the feeling of a fish on the line, the rush of the battle.

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